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 Configuring Xnews for Newsguy

1. Select the Server | New... option form the main program menu. This will start the news server profile setup in Xnews, and these the settings you will need for the next couple of steps.

Personal account configuration
Server name news.newsguy.com
Username Your selected Newsguy username
Password Your selected Newsguy password
Access through an Internet Service Provider
Server name: cnews.newsguy.com
Username Confirm with your ISP if needed
Password Confirm with your ISP if needed

2. The first setting is for the Server name. Enter the server address and click OK to continue.

3. Next enter a nickname you want to use so you can identify your Newsguy configuration in Xnews. This name selection would appear on the Server menu's list of servers

4. When the Setup dialog box appears, the News authentication information needs to be filled in. Enter the details into their corresponding fields and click Okay to save your configuration.

5. You would return to the main program window and would be prompted by Xnews to download the master newsgroups list. Click Yes to start the process. 

Tip #1: From the Special | Setup Xnews menu, you can launch the Setup dialog box that can be used to adjust your preferences. On the Servers tab The Port number defaults to 0 (set it for 119) but you can use Newsguy's alternate port number 8080.

Tip #2: From the same configuration box above, you can specify unique identity information for each of your news serer configurations.

Tip #3: The built-in Help menu offers useful information on keyboard shortcuts to get around Xnews easier if you prefer that route. Also a considerable overview on its filters support.

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