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Welcome to NewsguyGroups™, a new service offered by Newsguy.Com! NewsguyGroups™ are personal discussion groups that can be created and accessed, free of charge, by NewsGuy service members. NewsguyGroups™ contain no service advertising, nor are they framed with service ad banners. NewsGuy does not sell member lists, or distribute information to users of their service via e-mail, or through NewsguyGroups™.

Create an open, moderated or stealth discussion group, and offer free access to as many or as few NewsGuy members as you choose. Group configurations may be changed at any time by a group's creator. NewsguyGroups™ are accessible via the Web or NNTP client, and can be used to exchange text and binary files, discuss a favorite topic, or just to keep in touch with friends. Create your very own NewsguyGroups™ today!

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