Low Cost HiSpeed Internet Access! - NewsGuy's HiSpeed Internet Access accounts provide an accelerated dial-up connection that enables you to surf the web up to 5x faster using your existing phone jack & modem. No equipment, no waiting, no hassles.

Only $12.95 per month or $99.95 per year, our HiSpeed Internet Access accounts deliver service in all 50 states, they're 1/3 the cost of other national dial-up providers, and a fraction of the price of DSL and Cable offerings. Click "Select" to activate an account today and receive fast unlimited Internet access, newsgroups, Spam Hippo™ protected email and your own website!
bullet Unlimited Internet Access - NewsGuy's Internet access accounts are ad-free, reliable, and offer a big savings over national dial-up ISPs. Members receive unlimited 56K Internet access, free web accelerator, and can choose from a large selection of local dial-up numbers throughout all 50 states.
bullet 5 SpamHippo Protected Mailboxes - Receive 5 email boxes, and 250 MB of storage space that can be allocated to your email boxes however you wish! Our email boxes provide secure SSL connections, and can be accessed with standard email software via POP, IMAP, or our web interface Direct Read Mail™. This interface lets you send & receive email through our website with a standard web browser, and includes Spam Hippo™, a powerful user controlled junk email defense system that helps stop unwanted messages from reaching your mailbox.
bullet Website Hosting - All accounts include a 50 MB website. This space can be used to create your own website or to store files. The hosting feature supports MySQL & PHP, and is compatible with MS FrontPage, as well as other popular FTP and HTML Editing software applications.
bullet 100,000+ Newsgroups - Full access to 100,000+ newsgroups, through NewsGuy's premium Usenet service. Access with a traditional NNTP newsreader (Agent, Outlook Express, etc.) or through our web interface Direct Read News™, which lets you read, post, and decode newsgroup content with a web browser. This account allows you to download up to 10 GB a month from the newsgroups, but can use an optional feature to purchase more newsgroup download capacity if required.